Family Law Center (continued)

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Family Law Facilitator Program

The Family Law Facilitator Program can help people who do not have lawyers to handle their child, spousal or partner support cases.

The Facilitator staff will help either parent to prepare the paperwork to establish or modify child, spousal or partner support orders; respond to papers that have been served on a parent; run computer-generated child, spousal or partner support calculations; prepare Orders After Hearing and Wage Assignments; or file a motion to establish paternity (identify the legal father).

  Family Law Facilitator Program


Family Court Services

Family Court Services provides mediation for child custody and visitation disputes in Contra Costa County. Its objective is to give parents the opportunity to develop a plan for their children's care, ensuring close and continuing contact between children and parents after the parents separate and/or get a divorce.

If agreement is not reached through mediation, the mediator is authorized to make a report and recommendation to the court.

Second Floor Conference Room

The Family Court Services mediation sessions often take place in the conference room in the Family Law Center.

The conference room is also used to host free Self-Help Workshops held every Wednesday afternoon to help people without lawyers work their way through the divorce process.




There are six courtrooms in the Family Law Center. The judges hear cases involving divorce, child custody, child, spousal or partner support, paternity, and domestic violence.

Work Stations

There are three special workstations on the first floor for people to use who are going to court without a lawyer. The building also has a coin-operated photocopier that the public can use.